• EBVS Newsletters

    EBVS published Newsletters in pdf format from 2010 until the end of 2014.

    Issue 9, spring 2014 covers topics including ECVP, 2013 President's and Secretary's reports, Middle Tier, Mobility, Animal Welfare Science, Didier Noel Carlotti and upcoming meetings.

    Issue 8, winter 2014 covers topics including ECVO, EAEVE on EBVS, ECVP press release and promoting veterinart\y specialisation in Croatia

    Issue 7, autumn 2013 covers topics including ECVDI, VetCEE update, political recognition of veterinary specialisation, Diplomate numbers and facts about EBVS

    Issue 6, spring 2013 covers topics including the EBVS AGM, 2012 President's and Secretary's reports, FVE on EBVS, ECVD, Diplomates in France and Spain, and ABVS meeting

    Issue 5, autumn 2012 edition of the newsletter covers topics including ECVIM-CA, VetCEE, Middle Tier in the UK, simplifying specialisation, and formal recognition of veterinary specialisation

    Issue 4, spring 2012 covers topics including EBVS Vision, Job Analysis, ECVAA, ABVS meeting, expectations of EBVS Board Members, Quality assurance, EBVS update and future meetings

    Issue 3, autumn 2011 covers topics including new Secretariat, EBVS update, ANZCVS, ECAR, EBVS Diploma recognition, National Representatives, the UEVP-FVE Spring meeting and upcoming meetings

    Issue 2, spring 2011 covers topics including the future of EBVS, Secretariat, facts about EBVS, Best practices for examinations, use of titles in Europe by Diplomats of other organizations, and upcoming meetings

    Issue 1, 2010 covers a number of topics including the history of the EBVS, performance-based re-evaluation every 5 years, Q&A on veterinary specialization and ECCVT

  • European Coordination Committee on Veterinary Training Newsletters

    European Coordination Committee for Veterinary Training (ECCVT) was created on 24 November 2004 by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary
    Education (EAEVE), Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and European Board for Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS) to coordinate goals, policies and actions related to veterinary pre- and postgraduate training in Europe. ECCVT meets about twice per annum and publishes a Newsletter.