European College of Aquatic Animal Health (ECAAH) call for De Facto Diplomates

 Published: 01 Mar 2015 | Last Updated: 31 Mar 2015 21:00

The Executive Committee of the provisional ECAAH has the responsibility of electing de facto Diplomates – a small number of Diplomates appointed by the Interim Executive Committee during the first 5 years following provisional recognition of the College. These Diplomates (“Founding Diplomates”) are expected to contribute to the running of the College and must meet the following general criteria:

  • Be initiators in their field;
    • Have achieved distinction in the field, and
    • Have qualifications far exceeding those proposed as necessary for candidates to take the certifying examination of the organisation
  • Be internationally recognised as a qualified specialist by peers, and
    • Have at least 10 years’ experience in the speciality, and
    • By teaching, research, or practice have contributed significantly to the development of the speciality or
    • Have advanced training (PhD or equivalent) in the speciality;
    • Have demonstrated competency through teaching, research or practice in the speciality to which the individual devotes most of his or her professional time, and
    • Be author of at least ten significant publications in peer-reviewed journals resulting from the research or practice in the speciality
  • Be uncontroversial to the majority of the membership;
  • Spend at least 50 per cent of their time in the speciality, based on a normal working week of 40 hours.
  • Be practicing or licensed to practice in Europe; vi) Practice scientific, evidence-based veterinary medicine, which complies with animal welfare legislation
  • Display the willingness to contribute to the growth of the College (e.g. by training residents).

Selection will be made by the Interim Executive Committee on the basis of a submitted CV.

All persons known to be interested in becoming a member of ECAAH shall be invited to apply for de facto registration by means of a personal letter, or by open advertisement in journals or congresses outlining the above mentioned requirements. Those wishing to apply for membership of the ECAAH under this category should contact the ECAAH executive committee by email