Prof Frederic Beugnet

European Veterinary Specialist in Parasitology

Prof Frédéric Beugnet graduated as Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from the National Veterinary School of Lyon, France. He has a PhD in Parasitology, and is Diplomate of the European Veterinary Parasitology College (EVPC), Diplomate of the Aggregation of Parasitology (Professor) and University Diplomate as Research Director (HDR). He spent more than 10 years teaching and researching at University as assistant Professor in Lyon Vet Faculty and then moving as Professor of Parasitology at the Veterinary Faculty of Alfort (Paris) until 2000, and is still doing University lectures in Pharmacy, Veterinary and Medical Doctor Universities. His research interests in Veterinary Parasitology started in the 90’s with the nematodes parasites of ruminants and horses and the development of chemoresistance. He developed interests on ectoparasites when he moved as head of CIRAD Tick research program in New Caledonia – South Pacific. Since then, he is specialized in veterinary parasitology for dogs and cats, antiparasitic drugs, modelling of flea and tick dynamics and epidemiology of vector borne diseases in pets and horses. Frederic is now Merial Head of Global Technical Serivices for Parasitology and Parasiticides.